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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Right Back At Ya

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 I remember when we used to be kids and we would be taught and told about what's wrong and what's right, in ,madrasas and the occasional home scolding, and what would happen if we crossed the borders set for us in Islam...they were more like rules set by our parents and teachers, since they would get angry at us for crossing them. But as we got older and more mature, we started to grasp the concept because the rules seemed more harsh with scary consequences from what we read in the Noble Qur'an amongst others.

I remember when curiosity took sail and we wanted to see what really happens because ustadh and dad there are telling us not to do this, Why? So we do it. And quite frankly, nothing happens. And we do it again and again and again, more exciting each time, until we get caught and baba is really angry and maybe even punishes you, but not the one you were taught in madrasa, the one ustadh told us or that book, the Qur'an keeps repeating over and over...

I remember when its a habit now. No one knows what you are doing cause you the expert now, covering your tracks like a bad boy Sherlock Holmes version, as long as you are careful momma and ba don't find out, especially from that nosey aunt and her hababa. Its all going well until that one slip up you make, the one you are sure you'll not sleep at home that night, forget the supper. Its hectic, maybe a few belts but A-lot of words and sometimes tears, but still nothing from what the fiqh and tawheed books you used to cram, not even close...

You are mature now, probably after high school and its either family has given you your space or you could write a book on the art of deception for that primary need you once thought of as habit, lol, ati habit. You are more conscious than ever of what you are doing and you know its against religion to do it, but you still do, i mean you are having the time of your life and everything's turning out good for you, doors opening up, life looking on...nothing bad has happened yet, so we must be good for the One above is Most Merciful.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, things start falling apart.. Everything's going south, everyone you know is heading the opposite direction, friends become strangers, unnecessary drama exploding all directions, no one gets you, everybody against you...and then you remember...ustadh used to say the Almighty is ever there, and dua is a weapon of the believer, but you were muslim lakini you have no other options, so you get that Fardh prayer and you ask for His Help, crying out to Him...hoping on His Mercy... And a few days later, things are starting to look up again, Alhamdulillah. You meet up with that good friend and you're back in track after a few jokes and memory swipes, feeling loved again, together again, making more memories again...the same memories again...again...same again...the same again, back to the same again... But wait, Allah swt said there is a devastating punishment for those who cross boundaries, subhanallah, i need to change my life...I'll be doing dhikr...baby steps in shaa Allah...

I know. Its how life is, i know. I know we are living in an era where sticking to your deen is like holding a hot coal...a Hot Coal! The Prophet saw was 100% accurate to us that phrase because this is just a bitter hard world to live in as per religion so believe me, i know. I also know that the soul, physical entity or not, is part of your body and it is connected to it and when Allah swt says our desires will destroy our souls making them black and hard, He also is saying it will take down our bodies with them when they harden. So believe me when i tell you that even though every time we follow our desires and sacrifice our imaan to them, we get a physical symptom from our physical bodies telling us hey, you just sinned, just like it tells you through migraines a part of your body is in trouble and guess what the soul is...a part of Your body, a part of you... and after today, by Allah believe you me i saw from the smallest of things, things that we neglect and term minute, came the most shaking thing that you could not have even imagined can happen to you so believe you me when i tell you, every single tiny bit of thing we do, whether good or bad, Will circle back to us, first in this life and the more scarier after life, may Allah Protect us.

I get the fact that there is no swahaba of the 21st century, (in the context of piousness) i get that, but does it mean we are not supposed to try being like one....

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